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Parish Council News

Swanland Playing Field
This village amenity needs your help see poster (pdf file) and Web Page

Overhanging Hedges And Trees
Throughout the village hedges and trees have gained considerable foliage and with the warm and wet weather, we have recently had, are growing well. Because of this growth some of them are encroaching onto and hanging over the footpaths at the edges of your properties - see poster.

Closure & Relocation of Swanland GP surgery
If you are a patient at the Swanland Surgery, or you know someone who is, be aware that a consultation is now ongoing with the proposal being to close the surgery and relocate it to opposite the Spire Hospital in Anlaby. For further details see

Medibus Services
Need help attending a medical appointment? Medibus services are available to many residents living in the East Riding of Yorkshire. They provide a friendly, door to door, accessible transport solution for those who need to attend medical appointments at hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and clinics. See Leaflet

Current Planning Developments - Link to ERYC Planning Public Access website

Tranby Lane - White Lodge
Planning application approved for 49 residences
Case Officer Mr Tom Booth-Robinson
The application and plans can be viewed on

Case Reference 17/00151/PLF

See Parish Council response (pdf file)

See Map of Perimeter (pdf)

West Leys Road
Planning application approved for 79 residences
Case Officer Mr Anthony Devey Telephone: (01482) 393 883
The application and plans can be viewed on

Case Reference 17/00343/STOUT

Parish Council response (pdf file)

See Outline Plan (pdf)

Land North of 2 4
and 6 Mill Road

Planning application for rection of 4 detached dwellings and new access

Case Reference 18/01658/PLF

Swanland Parish Council object to this application. We feel strongly about this application and request that, if the planning officer is recommending a different decision, it should be referred to the appropriate Committee.The main concerns we have are:
The issue of loss of privacy was established when a previous application for a single dwelling was dismissed on appeal for that reason.

Irresponsible Dog Owners
Please report dog owners who walk on and leave their dogs deposits on the path. Telephone the Animal Warden Service 01482 396 301 and Give Location, Time, Date and, if possible, the name or address of the dog owner and description of the dog. For removal of fouling from the street or footpath telephone 393 939
Dog Owners - please note!

· It is illegal to leave your dog’s faeces lying around in a public area It is the responsibility of the dog owner or the person in charge to clear up after their dog
· Regulations state that being unaware that your dog has fouled, or not having a suitable means of picking up is not a reasonable excuse for failing to clean up after a dog
· If you do not clear up after your dog you could be fined up to £1000 in a magistrate’s court, or a warden can issue a fixed penalty notice for £75